Fu Bai Na Pharmaceutical Chemical Reagent Co.,Ltd
Name:Fu Bai Na Pharmaceutical Chemical Reagent Co.,Ltd
Products detail
Product Name: fubamb
CAS No: 1715016-76-4
Product Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Product spec: powder and crystal
Packing: 1kg/Aluminum foil bag or according to your requirement
Post Time: 2018-01-03
Usage: for chemical research
Description: Fu Bai Na Pharmaceutical Chemical Reagent Co.,Limited was set up in year 2012, it’s a young but fast growing company. In the twelve years history, it invested two pharmaceutical raw material production plants, one researching company, and several individual intermediates projects with cooperated production base. We accept chemical custom synthesis and keep business confidence. Our key technologies include chiral synthesis, enzymatic resolution, fast exothermic reaction, Grignard reaction, high vacuum distillation. We make careful study on impurities which help us give out better quality. We respect natural environment, and devote to achieve a symbiotic relationship with local communities and the natural environment. We look forward to contribute our meager strength to the cause of human health.
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